Brass Screws Pan head screws
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Brass Screws Pan head screws

Brass Screws Pan head screws


Brass Screws

 DIN 84 Brass Pan head screws DIN 85 DIN 921 Brass CSK Countersunk head screws Slotted Oval head machine screws DIN 95 Brass Hex head screws Socket screws Bolts Din 933 Brass Hex nuts hexagonal nuts Din 934 Brass Lock nuts Brass Jam Nuts DIN 936 Brass Cross recessed - Phillips head flat head CSK screws DIN 965 Slotted raised CSK screws DIN 964 Slotted Countersunk CSK screws DIN 963 Brass Plain washers Copper washers DIN 125 Slotted grub screws DIN 551 553 Brass studs DIN 938 939 hexagon socket countersunk head screws DIN 7991

  BRASS   Hex Set Screws
  Brass  Hex Nuts
  Brass Slotted Pan Head Screws
  Brass Slotted Raised CSK Head Screws
  Brass  Slotted CSK Head Screws
  Brass  Cross Recessed Head Screws
  Brass Square Nuts
  Brass and Copper Studding
  Brass Wing Nuts
Specials BRASS FASTENERS We shall be pleased to develop Non-Standard Brass  as per specific requirements.
Material BRASS FASTENERS Brass to BS 2874 / 2872
Finish BRASS FASTENERS Brass natural, Electro-Tinned, Nickel etc.

Brass Hex Set Screws
  To DIN 933, BS 1083, BS 3692 from 3mm to 16mm in die and up to 100mm in length.
Brass Hex Nuts
  To DIN 934, BS450, BS1083, BS 3692 from 2mm to 30mm.
Brass  Slotted Pan Head Screws
  To DIN 85 from 3mm to 10mm in die and up to 100mm in length. We specialize in 4mm series used in conduit box fitting.
Brass Slotted Raised CSK Head Screws
  To DIN 964, from 1 mm to 10mm in die and up to 100mm in length. We specialize in 3.5mm Nickel plated series used on switches and sockets.
Brass   Slotted CSK Head Screws
  To DIN 963 from 2mm to 16mm in die and up to 100mm in length.
Brass Cross Recessed Head Screws
  To DIN 7985, 965 and 966 as well as to JIS B1111-1987 on pan, CSK and raised CSK heads.
Brass Square Nuts
  To DIN 557 FROM 3MM TO 30MM.
Brass   and Copper Studdings
  To BS 2693pt.1-1956 up to 3" in die and 3 meters long.
Wing Nuts
  As per customer specifications.

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