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Brass Pex Fittings

Brass Pex Fittings

Brass PEX fittings are components used in plumbing systems that involve PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes. PEX pipes and fittings have gained popularity due to their flexibility, durability, and ease of installation. Brass PEX fittings provide a secure and reliable way to connect PEX pipes and create watertight seals. Some common types of Brass PEX fittings manufactured by Conex Metals:

  1. Crimp Fittings:Crimp fittings are among the most common types of Brass PEX fittings. They consist of a Brass body and a ring, often made of Copper or stainless steel, that is crimped onto the PEX pipe using a crimping tool. The crimping process compresses the ring around the pipe, creating a secure and leak-resistant connection.
  2. Barbed Fittings:Barbed fittings have ridges or barbs on the fitting’s body that grip the PEX pipe when it is pushed onto the fitting. These fittings are commonly used with stainless steel clamps to secure the connection. The clamp is placed over the barbed portion and crimped down to ensure a tight seal.
  3. Compression Fittings:Compression fittings use a compression nut and ferrule to create a tight seal around the PEX pipe. The nut is tightened onto the fitting, compressing the ferrule against the pipe. These fittings are often used when connecting PEX to other types of piping materials.
  4. Push-to-Connect Fittings:These fittings have gained popularity due to their simplicity. They allow for PEX pipes to be pushed into the fitting without any special tools. The fitting’s internal components secure the pipe in place, ensuring a watertight connection.
  5. Manifolds:PEX manifolds are distribution points in a plumbing system that allow multiple PEX lines to branch off from a single source. Brass PEX manifolds are often used to regulate and control water flow to different parts of the system.
  6. Transition Fittings:Transition fittings are used when connecting PEX pipes to other types of pipes, such as Copper, CPVC, or PVC. These fittings have different types of connections on each end to accommodate the different pipe materials.
  7. Ball Valves:Brass PEX ball valves are used to control the flow of water through a PEX system. They provide a convenient way to shut off water supply to a specific section or fixture.

When working with Brass PEX fittings, it’s important to ensure that the fittings are compatible with the type of PEX pipe you’re using (PEX-A, PEX-B, PEX-C).