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Bronze Ground Pipe Clamps

Bronze Ground Pipe Clamps

Bronze ground pipe clamps are a specific type of grounding clamp designed to connect grounding conductors to pipes for the purpose of grounding. These clamps are typically made of Bronze, a material known for its excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion, making it a suitable choice for grounding applications.

The primary function of Bronze ground pipe clamps is to create a secure and reliable electrical connection between the grounding conductor and a metal pipe, which acts as an effective grounding electrode. Metal pipes, such as water pipes or gas pipes, can serve as a good grounding electrode due to their direct contact with the Earth and their ability to conduct electrical current.

They can be made for direct Burial with screws of Silicon Bronze or Stainless Steel.

Key features of Bronze ground pipe clamps may include:

  1. Bronze Construction:The clamp body and hardware are made of bronze to provide high electrical conductivity and resistance to environmental factors.
  2. Screw or Compression Design:Most ground pipe clamps use screws or compression mechanisms to firmly attach the clamp to the pipe and the grounding conductor.
  3. Conductive Liner:To ensure a reliable electrical connection and prevent any corrosion-related issues, the clamp may have a conductive liner made of bronze or other conductive material.


The body is made from Red brass grades such as CDA 836 , C844 or Silicon Bronze grades such as C956.

The screws are from Carbon Steel. For Direct Burial purposes, they can be made from Stainleess Steel grade (SS 304/316) or Silicon Bronze screws (C651).