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Flexible Braid Bonds and Connectors

Flexible Braid Bonds and Connectors

Flexible braid bonds and connectors are specialized electrical components used to establish flexible and reliable electrical connections between conductive elements. They are commonly used in various applications where flexibility is required due to vibration, movement, or thermal expansion/contraction.

Key features and uses of flexible braid bonds and connectors include:

  1. Construction: Flexible braid bonds and connectors are typically made of multiple thin strands of high-conductivity materials, such as Copper or tinned Copper. These strands are braided together to form a flexible and highly conductive bond or connector.
  2. Flexibility: The braided construction allows the bonds and connectors to be highly flexible and capable of accommodating movement and mechanical stresses without compromising the electrical connection.
  3. Electrical Bonding: Flexible braid bonds are used to establish electrical connections between various conductive elements, such as busbars, grounding electrodes, electrical panels, and equipment. They ensure low-resistance connections, reducing the risk of electrical faults.
  4. Grounding and Bonding: In electrical grounding and bonding applications, flexible braid bonds and connectors are often used to create reliable and secure connections between different metallic components. They help establish an effective grounding network to protect against electrical hazards.
  5. Current Carrying Capacity: The multiple strands in flexible braids increase the current-carrying capacity of the bond or connector, allowing them to handle high-current applications effectively.
  6. Thermal Expansion: Flexible braid bonds and connectors are capable of accommodating thermal expansion and contraction in electrical systems without compromising the connection, making them suitable for applications subject to temperature variations.
  7. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Suppression: In some cases, flexible braids are used for EMI shielding to minimize electromagnetic interference in sensitive electronic circuits.
  8. Termination Types: Flexible braid bonds and connectors can be designed with various termination types, including lugs, terminals, or customized connectors, to suit specific application requirements.

Flexible braid bonds and connectors are found in a wide range of industries and applications, including electrical power distribution systems, industrial equipment, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, and more.