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List of Testing Equipment

rockwell hardness tester
universal measuring microscopes

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy entails a steadfast dedication to providing our customers with defect-free, competitive products in a timely manner, ensuring they fully align with their needs and deliver complete satisfaction.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to pursuing ongoing enhancements in both our business operations and quality management systems, consistently striving for improvement and the fulfillment of relevant standards. Regular reviews of our quality policy and objectives are conducted to ensure their continued relevance and effectiveness

Quality Assurance

Throughout the years, Conex has made significant investments in inspection, testing, and measuring instruments. Our comprehensive Quality Assurance department comprises a team of highly skilled engineers who meticulously inspect parts during and after production.

Our commitment is to consistently deliver precision machined parts of the highest quality, precisely manufactured according to each customer’s specifications. Every order received undergoes individual scrutiny for quality considerations, and we develop tailored plans to uphold quality standards. Additionally, we can provide PPAP certificates upon request.

Quality Certificates

CONEX products are renowned for their superior quality standards and exceptional craftsmanship. We proudly hold ISO 9001:2015 certification from BSI in the UK, affirming our commitment to excellence. Additionally, all our products adhere to RoHS and REACH compliance standards.
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