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Brass Anchors Cover Flanges

Brass Anchors Cover Flanges

Brass anchor cover flanges, also known as Brass cover flanges for anchors, are specific components used in conjunction with pool cover anchors. These cover flanges are made of Brass, a material known for its corrosion resistance and durability, making it suitable for pool environments where exposure to water and pool chemicals is common.

The purpose of Brass anchor cover flanges is to provide a finished and aesthetic appearance to the anchor when it is not in use. They are designed to cover the anchor hole on the pool deck or coping when the pool cover is not installed, ensuring that the anchors are not protruding and creating a hazard or obstruction.

Here’s how Brass anchor cover flanges work and their typical usage:

  1. Design and Mechanism: Brass anchor cover flanges are typically round or square discs with a hole in the center. The hole is designed to fit over the anchor when the cover is not in use, concealing the anchor and preventing dirt or debris from entering the anchor hole.
  2. Installation: To install the Brass anchor cover flanges, the flange is simply placed over the anchor, covering the anchor hole on the pool deck or coping. The flange may have a slightly larger diameter than the anchor hole to ensure a secure fit.
  3. Use with Pool Cover Anchors: Brass anchor cover flanges are specifically used with pool cover anchors, such as Brass screw-in anchors or other types of pool cover anchors. When the pool cover is removed, the cover flanges are installed over the anchors to provide a clean and unobtrusive appearance.
  4. Benefits of Brass: The use of Brass for these cover flanges ensures their durability and resistance to corrosion, which is crucial in the wet and chemical-rich environment of a swimming pool.

Brass anchor cover flanges are an important accessory in pool cover systems, as they not only provide a finished look but also enhance safety by preventing tripping hazards when the pool cover is not in use.