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Brass Male and Female Bushes Slotted Plugs

Brass Male and Female Bushes Slotted Plugs

Brass male and female bushes slotted plugs are specialized fittings used in electrical conduit systems to terminate or close the ends of conduits. They are made from Brass, a metal known for its excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength.

Let’s break down each component:

  1. Brass Conduit Male and Female Bushes:Brass conduit bushes are fittings used to provide a smooth and rounded entry point for electrical wires or cables into a conduit. They are installed at the end of the conduit, helping protect the wires from sharp edges and preventing damage to the insulation during insertion.
    • Brass Conduit Male Bushes:These are fittings with external threads designed to be inserted into the female threads of the conduit. The male bush provides a threaded opening for attaching conduit connectors, couplings, or other fittings.
    • Brass Conduit Female Bushes:These are fittings with internal threads designed to receive the male threads of the conduit or other fittings. The female bush provides a secure threaded connection for attaching conduit connectors, couplings, or other components.
  2. Brass Conduit Slotted Plugs:Brass conduit slotted plugs are used to cap off the ends of conduits to prevent the ingress of dust, debris, or moisture. These plugs have a slotted or flat head that can be easily tightened or removed using a screwdriver.

These Brass conduit fittings are commonly used in electrical conduit systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. They help maintain the integrity of the conduit by providing secure and protected entry points for wires or cables and by sealing off open conduit ends to prevent contaminants from entering.

When installing brass conduit male and female bushes and slotted plugs, it’s important to ensure proper sizing and compatibility with the conduit being used.