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Transformer Tank Connectors

Transformer Tank Connectors

Transformer tank connectors, also known as bushings or flanges, are components used to connect the transformer tank to other parts of the electrical system. Transformers are essential devices used to step up or step down voltages in electrical power systems. The transformer tank houses the core and windings and is filled with insulating oil to provide cooling and insulation.

There are two main types of transformer tank connectors:

  1. Bushings:Transformer bushings are insulating devices used to connect the high-voltage windings inside the transformer tank to the external electrical system. They extend through the tank walls and provide a secure and insulated connection for the high-voltage conductors.

Bushings are designed to withstand the electrical stress and thermal demands of the high-voltage environment. They play a critical role in ensuring safe and efficient power transmission between the transformer and the power system.

  1. Flanges:Transformer flanges are used to connect the transformer tank to other parts of the electrical system, such as electrical panels, cable boxes, or conduit systems. Flanges provide a mechanical connection between the transformer and the surrounding equipment.

Flanges are usually made of metal, and they ensure the stability and support of the transformer, preventing it from moving or vibrating excessively. Properly installed flanges also help to maintain the alignment of the transformer connections.

Both bushings and flanges are essential for the proper functioning and safety of transformers. They must be designed and installed correctly to ensure reliable performance and compliance with electrical standards and regulations.