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Lamp Holders -Lighting parts

Lamp Holders -Lighting parts

Lamp holders, also known as bulb sockets or light bulb holders, are essential lighting components that provide a secure connection between the light bulb and the electrical circuit. They are used to support and hold the light bulb in place while allowing electrical contact to power the bulb. Lamp holders come in various types and configurations, designed to accommodate different types of light bulbs and specific lighting fixtures.

Some common types of lamp holders include:

  1. Edison Screw (E26/E27) Lamp Holders: These are one of the most widely used lamp holders and are designed for standard incandescent, LED, and compact fluorescent bulbs. They have a screw-in base and are commonly found in table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and many other lighting applications.
  2. Bayonet Cap (B22) Lamp Holders: Bayonet cap lamp holders feature a push-and-twist mechanism to secure the bulb in place. They are commonly used in the UK and other regions and are compatible with bayonet cap light bulbs.
  3. GU10 Lamp Holders: GU10 lamp holders are specifically designed for GU10 base light bulbs, which are commonly used in track lighting, spotlights, and recessed downlights.
  4. G9 Lamp Holders: G9 lamp holders are used for G9 base bulbs, which are often found in smaller, compact fixtures like wall sconces and chandeliers.
  5. Bi-pin (G4/G5.3/G8/GY6.35) Lamp Holders: Bi-pin lamp holders are used for various small halogen or LED bulbs with two pins, such as G4, G5.3, G8, and GY6.35.
  6. Fluorescent Lamp Holders (T8/T5/T12): These are lamp holders designed specifically for fluorescent tube lights of various diameters, such as T8, T5, and T12.
  7. Candelabra (E12) Lamp Holders: Candelabra lamp holders are used for small base bulbs like those found in chandeliers and decorative light fixtures.

Lamp holders are typically made from materials that can withstand the heat generated by the light bulb, such as porcelain, plastic, or thermoplastic materials. Some lamp holders also have additional features like on/off switches or dimmer capabilities.