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Brass Fittings for Braided Hoses

Brass Fittings for Braided Hoses

Brass fittings for braided hoses are specialized components used to connect and secure hoses with braided exteriors. Braided hoses are commonly used in various applications, such as hydraulic systems, automotive fuel lines, industrial machinery, and more. Brass fittings for braided hoses are chosen for their durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to handle the high pressures often associated with these applications. Here’s more about these fittings:

Types of Brass Fittings for Braided Hoses:

  1. Compression Fittings:Compression fittings consist of a nut and a ferrule that compress around the braided hose when tightened, creating a secure seal. They are commonly used in plumbing and hydraulic systems.
  2. Barbed Fittings:Barbed fittings have ridges or barbs on the surface that grip the interior of the braided hose. They provide a reliable connection when the hose is pushed onto the barbs and secured with hose clamps.
  3. Threaded Fittings:Threaded Brass fittings have male or female threads that allow the braided hose to be screwed onto other components or fittings with compatible threads.
  4. Push-to-Connect Fittings:Push-to-connect Brass fittings allow the braided hose to be inserted into the fitting without the need for tools. The internal mechanism secures the hose, creating a quick and efficient connection.
  5. Swivel Fittings:Swivel fittings have a rotating joint that allows the connected braided hose to swivel or rotate. This is particularly useful in applications where the hose needs flexibility and movement.
  6. Hose Barb Adapters:These adapters are used to connect hoses with braided exteriors to other components or hoses with different types of fittings.
  7. Nipple Fittings:Nipple fittings have a male thread on one end and a smooth section on the other, allowing them to be inserted into the braided hose for secure attachment.

Brass fittings for braided hoses are essential components in systems where reliable connections and durability are paramount.