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Stop Plugs

Stop Plugs

Stop plugs also known as pipe plugs, threaded plugs or end plugs, are fittings used to seal the end of a pipe or threaded opening. They are designed to create a watertight and leak-proof seal, preventing the flow of fluids in the system. Stop plugs are commonly used in plumbing, industrial, and construction applications where a pipe or opening needs to be securely closed.

Key points to understand about stop plugs:

  1. Purpose:Stop plugs are used to close off the end of a pipe or threaded opening to prevent the escape of fluids, gases, or other materials.
  2. Design:Stop plugs are typically threaded to match the threads of the pipe or opening they are being used in. This allows them to be screwed into place, creating a tight seal.
  3. Materials:Stop plugs manufactured by Conex Metals are made from Brass or Stainless Steel. The choice of material depends on factors such as the fluid being transported, the environmental conditions, and the specific application.
  4. Thread Types:Stop plugs come in different thread types, such as NPT (National Pipe Thread) or BSP (British Standard Pipe). It’s important to select a plug with the correct thread type to match the pipe or opening.
  5. Applications:Stop plugs are used in a variety of applications, including plumbing systems, gas lines, hydraulic systems, industrial equipment, and more.
  6. Types:There are different types of stop plugs, such as hexagonal head plugs, square head plugs, and socket head plugs. The choice of type depends on factors like the available space for installation and the ease of tightening.
  7. Sizes:Stop plugs are available in various sizes to match the diameter of the pipe or opening.

Whether you’re working on a plumbing project, industrial system, or any other application where you need to seal the end of a pipe or opening, stop plugs provide a reliable solution.